Greece doesn’t know, Knoxville is wanted, Britney is see thru

Paris Latsis’ mom, “You are a making us a laughing stock.” : Apparently Greece and the Latsis family hadn’t really heard about Paris Hilton and her perpetual whoreing. But now they have. And they’ve seen the night vision porno starring their future daughter-in-law. And they have a few thoughts on the matter.

Try and guess if they’re good.


Kate Moss wants Johnny Knoxville: these stories have to make Mrs. Johnny Knoxville positively giddy.


Britney Spears has huge boobs: Man, talk about a close call, I wore this exact same outfit the other day. Thank God we didn’t end up at the same party.

These pictures aren’t new but the high-res versions are, as is Britney’s complete and utter lack of caring. If you ever tried to figure out exactly what Britney Spears nipples look like, you’ll get the definitive answer in about 5 seconds.