JeLo is a demanding bitch

The irony seems to be lost on Jennifer Lopez, but putting the blame on her staff for her reputation as a diva is the damage control equivalent of Bin Laden wearing rainbow suspenders. You’re not fooling anyone. We still hate you, but now, we also kind of resent you for thinking we’re that gullible.

Jennifer Lopez is blaming her diva reputation on her staff. The pop babe – who is notorious for her outrageous demands on set including the demand that her tea only be stirred counter-clockwise – insists her aides ask for things without her knowledge. “My publicity people made those demands. I didn’t even know they were asking for candles and lilies in my rooms. They just appeared.”

The inference seems to be that JeLo’s staff loves her so much they just do these crazy things to see her smiling face. Cause she’s so grateful. And as a perfect illustration that’s she still just Jenny from the Block:

The star has revealed she is set to design a brand new fashion line of accessories for pampered pets after becoming been frustrated at the limited line available for animals. “Jennifer just got creative and wanted to extend the range of jewels for animals. She has always found it somewhat frustrating that there are limited accessories available for them.”

If you’re not filled with disgust and borderline hate right now, go and read that second part again. It said “jewels for animals.” Right after “I’m not a diva.” Which is like punching a cop in the balls in an attempt to get off with a warning. Except, replace that last part with something that actually makes sense. And is funny.