Paul Bettany on short list for Batman sequel

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I’m adorable and a card but I turned down the role of the Joker in the sequel to Batman Begins, (I don’t do television or comic book movies) so Paul Bettany seems like a pretty awesome second choice. And according to several outlets this morning, he is now atop a very short list that also includes Crispin Glover and Lachy Hulme. Bettany, also known as that son of a bitch attached to the penis inside Jennifer Connolly, is probably best known for his work in a bunch of movies I never saw and A Knight’s Tale. He was not, however, in A Knight’s Tail: Ye Olde Anal Adventure, which I mistakenly rented that time I was babysitting and meant to get An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. The movie was okay, but it seemed to freak the kids out a little. I suspect because those girls don’t appear to have been real Knights at all. I pretty much run the Renaissance Fair every spring, and the lances we rent from the costume shop are pretty clear that you’re not supposed to put them there.