Katie Holmes will be in Batman sequel

Despite widespread reports to the contrary, Katie Holmes has been confirmed for the sequel to Batman Begins as the love interest to Bruce Wayne. Producer Charles Roven told SCI FI Wire that the entire cast is signed on for a sequel, the script is in the works, and the only major question is whether or not Christopher Nolan will return to direct.

Much of the talk around the release of Batman Begins was that the bosses at Warner Brothers quickly tired of the media circus around Holmes and new boyfriend Tom Cruise, and they were not eager to repeat it. But Roven specifically confirmed her return and discounted the casting of Steve Carrell as the Joker, which may or may not mean that the role is still meant for Paul Bettany.

I think we’re close enough at this point that I can admit that these pictures of Katie Holmes give me a confusing hard-on. I don’t normally go for chicks covered in flour or cocaine – at least I don’t think I do, it’s never come up now that I think about it – but there’s something almost hypnotic about her in this shoot. My penis doesn’t mean to brag or anything, but it’s got pretty awesome taste, and we feel confident in our assessment that she’s never looked better, even though we can’t even begin to explain why.