Lindsay Lohan is hosting SNL

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When I was 5, my dad – who is a pilot for Delta Airlines – came home from a trip late one Christmas Eve and told me and my brother that there wasn’t gonna be a Christmas this year because he hit Santa with his plane and he was dead. I mention this because Lindsay Lohan is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and I’ll be forced to watch it and I was trying to think of something as tragically unfunny as SNL these days. NBC could probably save a lot of money and just show a live feed of a little kid with cancer in bed while he cries and hugs his puppy, who also has cancer. I bet no one would notice for at least an hour. Not because it would be any less funny than SNL, but because they normally have a band. And even though Tina Fey is the only good thing about that show (along with Amy Poehler) here are some embarrassing pictures of her that LJ sent in a little while back.

Tina is far right in both shots. One more picture and the backstory here.