Shoutout To Rodrigo Koxa For Surfing The Biggest Wave Ever

Photo: Francisco Leong/AFP (Getty)

It looks like a Brazilian is no longer just the king of the genital hair-trimming game, as World Surf League judges at the Big Wave Awards in Santa Monica Saturday night determined that Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa is now the world-record holder for the biggest wave ever ridden.

According to ESPN, Koxa took an 80-foot wave for a joyride on November 8th, and that broke the previous record of 78 feet that was held by American Garrett McNamara since 2011. While the majority of us would paddle like hell for shore at the sight of anything over 10 feet, a monster eight times the size made its way toward Koxa off the coast of Portugal. Let’s just say the fact that he’s sporting grapes the size of watermelons was on full display.

Shoutout to that gull for literally getting a bird’s-eye view of a world record the entire way. Sometimes you just know that you’re in the presence of greatness.

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As far as Koxa goes, the news of being named “Surfer of the Year” because of his record-breaking performance was a “dream come true.” Meanwhile, the rest of us probably would have considered still having a pulse after such a feat to be the same thing.