North Carolina Man Upset About Tornado Wrecking His Game Of ‘Fortnite’

Photo: John Lund (Getty Images)

Some people would be pretty pissed about seeing their work vehicles get thrown into the air and crushed by a tornado, while others would be absolutely devastated about losing the homes they lived in their entire lives during a brutal storm.

But forget that. Anton Williams is none too pleased with the tornado for disrupting his game of Fortnite.

According to WXII, Williams and his neighbors survived a barrage of strong storms that ripped through their Greensboro neighborhood Sunday night, and while he’s thrilled that everyone around him wound up being OK, he’s not very happy about the storm fucking up his epic game of Fortnite.

“I was sitting at home and I was playing ‘Fortnite,’ and all of sudden, I hear a bunch of noise,” Williams said. “I look out the window and I started seeing the roof come off the houses in front of me. I sit back down because I only have a couple people left in my game, and I was going to try to finish the game, but then it started getting worse and I started to see the power lines come down, so I told my sister and my nephew to come to the bathroom. Honestly, I was thinking about the game, but I was hoping everybody was OK around me.”

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Son of a bitch. I mean, only a couple people left in the game and then that happens? Sometimes it’s just not your day, I guess.

No word if the Oxford Dictionary plans on changing their definition of dedication anytime soon, but I’d say seeing other houses losing their roofs yet continuing to play a video game is at least worth a mention of Williams in the notes section.