Youth Baseball Coaches Planned To Bean The Only Girl In The League And Force Her To Quit

Photo: James Leynse (Getty Images)

In today’s, ‘shitty adult news,’ two coaches are being accused of conspiring of having a little girl hit with a baseball so she would be forced to quit.

According to Deadspin, Dan Klein, of New Hampshire,  says the two coaches would instruct a player to “bean” his daughter, by striking her in the head with a baseball during practice. The conversation is said to have taken place during a draft meeting to assign players to team rosters. Klein made Ben Genes, the Oyster River Youth Association board of directors Chair, aware of the situation in an email.

Klein’s 11-year-old daughter is the only girl in the ORYA baseball league, and was actually the last player selected in the player draft.


Klein said his daughter has played baseball and T-ball with ORYA since 2012 and has enjoyed it, mostly without incident. When she began playing, Klein said, she had several teammates who were girls, but that number dwindled over the years as many girls her age switched to softball.

Klein was reportedly warned about the substance of the conversation between the two unnamed coaches by another pair of coaches who were present at the meeting and were troubled by what they heard. One of the coaches who alerted Klein apparently also agreed to bring his daughter onto his team.

At the moment, Genes has begun a formal investigation into the incident. Police have also been made aware.

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Thankfully, someone spoke up and the “beaning” didn’t occur, but it’s pretty absurd that two grown men actually went out of their way to plan this. Allegedly, of course. While the 11-year-old girl was the last player drafted, something tells me it is because she’s a girl and not because of her talent. Chances are she’s a lot better than some of her male counterparts.

If anything, this girl might just be a modern-day Lisa Simpson: