Teamwork Is All About A Sushi Restaurant Staff Attacking Armed Robbers With Knives

Photo: ernstas (Getty)

Police always tell you that if you’re ever in a situation where your life is being threatened with a gun or a knife, the best thing to do is to comply and to remain calm. In other words, don’t do a damn thing. Well, looks like some employees at a sushi restaurant in Milan didn’t get that memo because they decided to fight back when their establishment was taken over.

The footage below, captured by CCTV, shows two armed men enter the sushi place, ready to rob it. Well, what was supposed to be a clean robbery involving the robbers stealing some money and probably some sushi, turned into quite the bloodbath when the restaurant’s owner and an employee fought back!

Take a look at the video below!

While the thieves in the video above got away, they were later caught by police And as for those brave folks who fought them off, well the owner was shot three times but somehow survived. And his employee only suffered a minor concussion.

No word yet if they will be able to use an extra vacation day now.

h/t NY Post

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