Woman And Baby Nearly Crushed To Death By Falling Tree

Screenshot: YouTube

Remember how we were just telling you that there are insane winds in the Netherlands, strong enough for someone’s roof to fly away? Well it’s still bad over there and it continues to get serious. And the video below should be more proof of that.

The crazy video below was captured by a security camera that shows a woman trying to walk and deal with the harsh winds all while attempting to push her child in a stroller. And the winds were so brutal that a tree falls right in front of the woman and her child, barely missing them.

Have a look! The woman walks into frame at about 0:19.

Woman And Baby Nearly Crushed To Death By Falling Tree

Wow, it sure wasn’t that lady’s day to meet her maker. Call it luck or faith or destiny, but that woman and that kid have a death-date and that day wasn’t it. And if I was living in the Netherlands I would probably stay home until all that wind has settled down. And hey, it gives me a good reason to be lazy and stay in.

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