Final Destination

Is This A Teaser For A New ‘Final Destination’ Movie?

Screengrab: YouTube

Remember when last month we told you that a woman that just barely missed getting crushed by a car would be involved in a Final Destination situation soon? Well perhaps we can say the same for the driver in the video below.

The incident, which occurred in Taiwan and was captured by the driver’s dashcam, shows the driver on the highway next to a large cliff when all of a sudden a big boulder falls off the cliff and comes crashing down on the road.

Have a look at the video below to see what looks like a scene out of a Final Destination movie.

Talk about a terrifyingly close call.

Not only was the driver not injured, but even his car only suffered a few scratches. But the trouble does not end for the driver here as he can expect a visit from the Grim Reaper soon. At least that’s what Hollywood has taught me. And what it has taught me is that death sure is persistent:

Very persistent:

According to Hollywood that driver is probably screwed moving forward, so good luck buddy.

h/t UPI

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