Assault Victim Realizes Doctor At Hospital Is Her Attacker

Screenshot: YouTube

After Anastasia Dmitrieva was assaulted at a nightclub in Neryungri, Russia she decided to head to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. And believe it or not her doctor was the man who attacked her. And guess what? The doctor, Vladimir Naumov attacked her a second time, but this time it was caught on video.

A nurse was able to film the moment Naumov attacks the woman, while saying, “many witnesses will prove that you were the first to attack me.” Naumov also told his victim that she would go to jail if she complained about him.

Take a look at the bizarre video below:

Man, remind me not to go to the hospital in Russia.

Not shocking at all, but Naumov was quickly fired once the video was seen by the regional health ministry.

Health chiefs didn’t believe Naumov’s explanation that at the nightclub he had been defending a midwife who was attacked by a gang of women. Eventually the doctor admitted that at the hospital he had been “angry and full of adrenaline” seeing the woman again.

“I was provoked for the sake of filming this video,” Naumov claimed. “I have been working here for one and a half years. During that time, I saved many people and now everything I did is ruined by this video.”

Well, everything was ruined by you being a tool.

h/t NY Post

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