Just A Donkey Crashing Through A Roof In Brazil

Photo: threespeedjones (Getty)

I’ve seen all kinds of asses at family gatherings, but I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever seen one fall through the roof.

According to the Daily Mail, that’s exactly what happened to one poor donkey in Cajazeiras, Brazil Monday night after he slipped on the mountainside surrounding the house and fell onto the roof made of ceramic tiles. The roof couldn’t sustain the massive ass, which measured in at over four feet tall, and that’s when somebody in the house below decided it was a good time to hit the record button on his phone.

Yeah, we have no idea what everybody was saying in the video, but we’re pretty sure it was something like, “Holy shit, Brad. I think there’s a donkey falling through your roof or something.”

The good news for the donkey is that it appears as though he’s OK after taking a pretty gnarly tumble. Plus, it’s a good thing for him that it happened in Brazil instead of Florida or Alabama. I mean, let’s be honest. Odds are somebody inside a house in either of those states would have tried to hump it.

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