A Gust Of Wind Just Blew Off This Giant Roof In Netherlands

Screenshot: YouTube

God forbid, we’ve already seen plenty of hurricane damage over the last few months. If you live in the United States you know the destruction a tornado can do. But what the hell is currently happening to the dutch?

The Netherlands (and Germany) is currently being blown over by a vicious storm. So far at least five people have died. According to reports, four have been killed by falling trees and debris. Another person died when their van was blown onto the wrong side of the road. Yes, the wind actually pushed his moving van into the wrong lane.

Videos are starting to surface, showing just how incredible the wind gusts are. People are being blown over like they’re empty aluminum cans caught in a hurricane.

A Gust Of Wind Just Blew Off This Giant Roof In Netherlands

Possibly the craziest video online so far is of this humungous roof, totally getting ripped off the top of this housing complex.

Stay safe out there, friends. Or as the Dutch would say, blijf daar veilig, vrienden!

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Josh Helmuth is a sports guy and a contributor for Mandatory.