Florida Man Calls 911 After Receiving ‘Tiny Clams’

Photo: sbossert (Getty)

There are a lot of idiots out there calling 911 for the dumbest reasons. One of those idiots? A man named Nelson Agosto.

The 51-year-old tow truck driver recently walked into Crabby’s Seafood Shack in Stuart and ordered some clams because he was “dying to eat some clams.” Well Agosto ordered his clams, paid $12 for it and then asked for his money back after discovering the clams were tiny. But when he didn’t get his money back Agosto took the next logical step: he called 911. And the Stuart Police Department put the entire call on their Facebook.

Florida Man Calls 911 After Receiving ‘Tiny Clams’

Agosto is given a non-emergency number by the 911 operator, but then Agosto decided to call 911 yet again. And because of that he was handed a misdemeanor charge for misuse of the emergency system.

Agosto explains that he did not intended to misuse the emergency system, saying “I didn’t know the rules for 911.” What a total buffoon.

h/t The Smoking Gun

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