Video Shows Mom Instructing Young Son To Steal $30,000 Worth Of Jewelry

Photo: Berkut_34 (Getty)

When I was a little kid I stole a piece of candy from a grocery store and eagerly showed my dad as if I had just done an awesome thing. My dad then proceeded to scold me and forced me to return the candy. And that scared me enough never to steal anything again. And the reason I told you that story is because the woman in this news story actually instructed her son to steal for her.

The woman, from Arkansas, was caught on surveillance camera not only holding a baby in her arms, but telling her other child to sneak behind the jewelry counter at Bella Jeweler’s in Rogers, and then beings to point out the different pieces of jewelry she wants.

Check out the crazy video below.

As you can see, the woman then quickly leaves her store with her kids. The woman’s husband was also in the store in what looks like a family crime. According to Stephanie Martinez, director of Bella Jeweler’s, the child took at least $30,000 worth of diamonds. Here’s what else Martinez had to say:

“The woman kind of kept a look out while her youngest son went around to steal the jewelry. As she realized that nobody was there, and she got more confident, she started directing him to go back multiple times, and steal more and more jewelry…It’s a real tragedy that they would use their kids to commit this crime. For us, that’s the most heartbreaking part.”

This bag of trash still hasn’t been caught, but according to police officer Keith Foster, when the parents are caught they will be charged with contributing to delinquency of a minor and a court will figure out what to do with the kids.

 “The juvenile system tries to figure out now what’s gonna be in the best interest of the kids, how can we help them make sure this type of stuff doesn’t happen again,” Foster said.

It’s pretty unfortunate that these kids ended up with such idiots for parents.

h/t NY Daily News

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