Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Crashes Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Date Night in Tiffany’s Ad, What Took You So Long?

Step aside, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Your daughter Blue Ivy is about to steal the spotlight from you. For proof, look no further than a new Tiffany’s ad titled “Date Night” in which the power couple appears along with their 9-year-old.

The 2-minute clip begins with Mr. and Mrs. Carter all dressed up for a romantic outing. They’re in the back of a luxury car, cruising through the streets of New York, laughing and sharing a slice of pizza and toasting with glasses of champagne. Then their firstborn appears in the rear window, chasing them down. She catches up to them and hops in, settling in between her parents with the family dog. Of course there are several gratuitous shots of huge rocks on both Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding ring fingers.

This isn’t the first time the burgeoning celebrity has cashed in on her legacy. She partook in a campaign for the Ivy Park Kids launch, Rodeo Kids, along with her younger twin siblings as well as appeared in an Adidas x Ivy Park “Icy Park” line tease with her mom.

As far as future endorsements go, this kid is set. Blue Ivy will have zero financial concerns far into the future. Now it’s just her parents who need to worry about staying relevant as their spawn surpasses them in popularity.

Cover Photo: YouTube



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