That Creepy Pastor Telling Kids Santa Isn’t Real Is At It Again

Photo: mediaphotos (Getty)

Last year we told all you folks about an Evangelical pastor named David Grisham, who decided to head on over to a mall and tell a bunch of kids waiting to meet Santa that Santa isn’t real. And guess what? This idiot was at it again recently, this time he went to the Santa Clause House in North Pole, Alaska, to tell kids again that Santa isn’t real.

Grisham took it to Facebook to share the video he did, but not before getting super close to the camera and showing everyone is frozen snot — and that is just not a pretty sight at all.

“I wanted to tell you kids today too that Santa Claus does not exist. Santa Claus is not real,” Grisham says on the video. “The man you’re going to meet today is a man wearing a suit like a costume and it’s make-believe. It’s not real.”

Check out the video below.

For the most part people ignore this tool until an employee tells him to stop with the nonsense. Did this serve a purpose at all? No. Grisham once again made it clear that he’s completely bonkers. Perhaps someone should tell this dude that you can believe in Jesus and still enjoy Christmas, Santa and everything else that comes with it.

And here’s something else: The Southern Poverty Law Center listed Grisham’s Repent Amarillo organization as a hate group. So yeah, this dude is just bad news and he clearly needs a hobby or a life.

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