85-Year-Old Driver Turns Parking Lot Into Demolition Derby

Photo: Carl Smith (Getty)

Once again it’s an old person behind the wheel of a car.

Remember when I said that old people shouldn’t be driving? Well, we actually have even more proof of that, and this time around it comes to us from Irvine, California. Josh Schrader was able to film the incident below that shows a car going completely nuts in a supermarket parking lot. The driver behind the wheel is an 85-year-old woman, and she crashes into cars before going full speed at one final car, officially turning things into the demolition derby.

Check out the crazy video below:

Right away I thought it was road rage,” Schrader said. “That’s until we saw the driver was an elderly lady.”

Apparently the car went out of control and the driver couldn’t handle it or take control again, so the results are what you just saw. The video also shows George and Shirley Petrarca run over to help after the driver stops. “She was kinda calm…we were more upset than she was it seemed. George said. “She said the car was out of control.

According to police, given the circumstances, they issued the old lady a request for a priority re-evaluation by the DMV. Now it will be up to the DMV to determine if this lady is fit to drive. My guess is she is not.

h/t Fox 13

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