Just A Reminder To Not Park Your Truck Too Close To The Train Tracks

Screenshot: YouTube

Maybe finding a good parking spot in Vietnam is more of a challenge than it is for those living in West Hollywood. Maybe the guy who was driving this truck picked the worst possible spot to run out of gas. Or maybe people in Vietnam just don’t give a fuck about anything. I mean, is that really the best place to be riding your moped, dude?

Whatever the case may be in the video below, it serves as a great reminder that just because you didn’t park your truck on the tracks doesn’t mean it’s out of harm’s way. Yup, the train hits the truck. We wouldn’t have done a story on it if it would have missed.

Well, thank heavens that clip wasn’t produced by Jerry Bruckheimer or else everything within a two-mile radius would have been blown to shit the instant the train collided with truck.

In a related story, I wasted 50 bucks on Murder on the Orient Express last night, but since this short train clip was 50,000 times better than the movie and I got to watch it for free, I feel like I’m almost back to even.

h/t The Extract

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