This Dude May Just Be The Worst Street Brawler Ever

Screenshot: Twitter

I’ve never been in a street fight, but I also know that I would be terrible at it, so I stay away from all that and instead toss insults on my computer from a safe distance. And yet some people still want to fight on the streets like complete idiots for some reason. And more often than not they end up looking awful. Take for example the dude in the video below.

Now we don’t know much backstory on the video, all we know is that a bunch of drunks got in a fight. The reason? Probably football or someone insulted someone’s cargo shorts. And what happens here is one guy being jumped and still delivering his own set of punches. But keep an eye on the dude with the orange polo because he may just be the worst fighter in the history of fighters.

Look at how many punches this guy misses:

A truly sad sight. And all of that swinging and missing leads to that idiot somehow ending up knocked out. Still, well deserved.

And Twitter was of course loving it:

Here’s hoping that dude just sticks to playing beer pong in his friend’s basement and stays away from street fighting.

h/t Barstool Sports

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