Is It OK For Cops To Park Illegally In Order To Get A Box Of Pizza?

Photo: LeszekCzerwonka (Getty)

The reason we ask this question is because one dude recently filmed this cop park illegally at a bus stop, turn on his emergency lights and…walk across the street in order to get some lunch, which consisted of a box of pizza. No word yet if the entire box was for him or to share.

So we ask, does this cop get a pass or does it piss you off that he switches on his emergency lights simply to get his paws on some pizza? Now remember that you would instantly get a ticket if you did the same thing. While you ponder all this, take a look at the video below of the pizza-loving cop.

Sure, the guy filming this sounds annoying, but the cop who pulled this off is also clearly not in the right. This was filmed in New York City, and if you’re from NYC you will know that cops hand out tickets for pretty much anything, so it’s nice seeing this cop being called out.

Although I’m pretty disappointed that the cop walked out with a box of pizza and not a box of doughnuts.

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