Here’s The Crazy Moment A Kidnap Victim Escapes From The Trunk Of Her Captor’s Car

Photo: Ojo Images (Getty)

There are some sick people out there, people who actually kidnap others. But one woman was lucky enough to escape her captor, and it was caught on video.

The video below shows the moment the unnamed woman opens the trunk of her captor’s car while the car is parked at a gas pump. The woman is then seen quickly running off camera. The kidnapper, 36-year-old Alabama man Timothy Wyatt, is seen running out of the gas station when he discovers that his victim has run off.

Take a look at the video below thanks to LiveLeak.

The woman was kidnapped by Wyatt after he broke into her home, strangled her and demanded money, and then tied her hands behind her back before tossing her in his car.

But not to worry, cops caught up to Wyatt and arrested him. Wyatt was already out on bond for a possession of marijuana charge when he kidnapped this woman. Oh, and Wyatt also has an attempted murder charge, a  sodomy first-degree, and robbery third-degree charge from back in April.

Here’s hoping this dude never gets out of prison now.

h/t Daily Mail

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