Some Dude Won ‘Jeopardy!’ Yesterday With Just $1

Screenshot: Facebook/NBC

What is…oh shit, I still won?

According to UPI, returning Jeopardy! champion Manny Abell had an atrocious day at the office yesterday, as heading into “Final Jeopardy!”, the naval lieutenant from Lacey, Washington had just $1,000 to his name.

Well, that $1,000 quickly turned into one measly dollar when Manny risked $999 and incorrectly answered (or questioned, you know what I mean) “It’s the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf” with “What is Iraq?”

Thankfully for Lt. Abell, his competitors not only gave incorrect answers as well, but they also risked every penny of their $12,300 they each had going into the final round, so that one dollar was plenty to crown Manny Jeopardy! champion for the third consecutive day.

Surprisingly, winning the game with just one dollar to your name has only happened one other time in Jeopardy! history, as Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Darryl Scott pulled off the same feat in 1993. Lt. Scott managed to win $13,400 the next night to bring his total winnings to $13,401, while Lt. Abell’s lone dollar was added to his previous winnings of $42,798, giving him, well, if you can’t figure that out, you’ve got some fucking problems.

Also somebody with problems? You guessed it – the contestant who risked it all in “Asian Geography” and then gave Tibet as a response. Samsonite. I was way off. I mean, the correct country here was obviously Iran.

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