Guy Fakes Proposal To Expose Cheating Girlfriend But Ends Up Looking Like A Huge Tool Instead

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I get it — you found out your girlfriend has been cheating on you and you’re pissed off and want revenge. So just do the logical thing and sleep with her girlfriend or tell her you always hated her “selfie face.” That should do it. But don’t do what this guy did and fake a proposal in front of the entire college dining hall because chances are you will end up looking like a douche, which is just what happened here.

No word yet on where this college is, but all you need to know is that the dude in the video begins to talk as if he’s about to propose to his girlfriend, talking about how much he loves her before dropping a “however.” Prepare to cringe.

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Was that an “engagement ring” he dropped? Man, that’s awkward and I’m completely embarrassed for him. I’m kind of glad we don’t see what happens next because I don’t think I could take more of that dude.

Oh well, terrible delivery, terrible execution and when it comes down to it his girlfriend didn’t look like she cared much. Not a good performance, my man.

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