Meme VS. Meme: Pineapple Pizza

There is a lot of injustice in the world. There are also plenty of folks who don’t really know what that means, so they complain about little things on the internet using everyone’s favorite platform — memes! Since no one can stand hearing an argument go unopposed, most of the time memes that are against something or cast a certain behavior in a negative light have their fair share of detractors (also in meme form, of course).

Whether or not you put pineapple on your pizza is about as divisive of an topic (topping?) as it gets. Well, at least when we’re talking about funny arguments ripe with meme potential. Why do the people who eat pineapple on pizza enjoy the combination so much? And why do those who find it absolutely appalling consider it such a crime against nature? Certainly a series of conflicting memes highlighting both the positives and negatives will put this argument to bed, right? Maybe we should find out together.

As you can see, the antis swarmed and outnumbered the pros by the end, but that’s OK. It’s much funnier to make jokes against something than for it. Stay strong, fellow pineapple pizza lovers. This is a battle we could still one day win. Just…not today.

The inventor of pineapple pizza went to his grave with people still hating his brilliant creation. We don’t think that’s right: World Mourns As Beloved Inventor Of Hawaiian Pizza Passes Away