New Drake Album: Top Songs From More Life

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Arguably the biggest male music artist right now Drake has released his fifth album More Life in March of 2017 which reached expected commercial success. Unsurprisingly, as the whole planet is constantly asking for more new Drake songs. Drake mixed together sounds from all around the world on his latest album, one that he considers a playlist rather than an actual album. Regardless of how you look at it, there are some great hits on this new Drake album.

New Drake Album: Best Songs From More Life

Here we have listed five of the best new Drake songs. As most established artists don’t post their tracks on YouTube anymore, and the ones posted by a third party get removed quickly, no links to songs are included. But you can listen to the tracks through Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon.

Get It Together feat Black Coffee & Jorja Smith

Surely the biggest hit out of the More Life playlist, it has the Caribbean/dancehall vibe Drake proved he can more than handle. It also has very interesting features which perfectly illustrate why More Life is considered a multi-genre album. South African house DJ and producer Black Coffee gives the track ridiculously chill vibe while also being energizing. Young English singer Jorja Smith takes the lead over the track and gives an experienced, mature performance that will be remembered.

Teenage Fever

A very different beat, and a very bold remake of parts of “If You Had My Love” by Jennifer Lopez, something that we’re surprised it worked at all, and especially the amazingly it did. What might also be surprising that the re-worked chorus is not sung by anyone new, or a man at all, it’s just processed in production, making it sound hauntingly nostalgic. One of the best remixes of any song ever, and another new Drake song that will further consolidate his status as a daring, innovative musician. Of course, along with his production crew.

No Long Talk (feat Giggs)

A song that is heavy on the worldwide aspect which new Drake songs from this playlist have in abundance, and it’s the UK that is being represented in No Long Talk. Grimey, and as British as a Guy Ritchie film, No Long Talk is the hardest track of the playlist, in the style of Energy. Although angry Drake gets embellished with the dirty charm of English rapper from London Giggs, who has another feature on More Life. The beat is perfect for this aggressive, ominous track, and it’s great to know that new Drake won’t be all about emotions and being chill.


Chilled like a deep house track, it’s a contrasting song to No Long Talk, which can explain while Drake considers More Life to be more of a playlist than an album that is a specific whole. Passionfruit has a minimalistic, futuristic beat that keeps the song very flowy, relaxing, while definitely not being a lullaby. It was released as the second single from the album and is one of the rare tracks from the new Drake playlist that has his voice as the vocal point of the track. A song that will be replayed over and over again.

KMT feat Giggs

KMT is an acronym for “Kissin’ My Teeth” and it’s another hard track Drake made with Giggs, but one that has a peculiar orchestral, epic sound to it combined with marching basses. Giggs kills it with rapping and the references he puts throughout his verse, particularly the clever one which ends his time on the track. It’s definitely one of the toughest tracks Drake put out ever, perfect for training sessions in the gym, but what makes the track special is that the rapping doesn’t feels forced, as both performers are pretty laid back in their delivery.

Do you think any of these songs should crack into our list of top 10 Drake songs of all time, which we released before More Life dropped?

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