Props To This Pilot Who Had To Dodge Three Tornadoes To Land A Plane

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There was a parent at the Little League World Series who called me a hero for giving a large snuggly soft Snuggle Bear to a crying child, and I told said parent at the time that I was in fact not a hero, as there are far greater human beings doing heroic things on a daily basis.

A pilot having to dodge three tornadoes as he lands a plane in Russia? Yeah, that qualifies.

According to the Daily Mail, water spouts formed over the Black Sea near Sochi, Russia Tuesday afternoon, and there were nine flights that were diverted to other airports because of them. Unfortunately for one plane, their crew and their horrified passengers, they were too late to the diversion party and were forced to land in Sochi despite the fact that a trio of tornadoes had formed around them.

Here’s what that looked like:

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No word as to how many passengers either shit their drawers or started making out with the other passengers around them because they thought they were going down, but I think we just learned what I would’ve done if I would have been on that flight.

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