Carl’s Jr. Owner Banned From Own Kitchen After Camera Catches Him Committing Disgusting Food Violations

Screenshot: YouTube

And that’s why it’s always best to eat at home.

While I haven’t eaten at a fast food in months, the times that I have eaten there I always have in the back of my mind just what in the hell those employees do back in that kitchen. And well, I can tell you that we all know what Jack Webb does in his kitchen.

Webb, the co-franchisee of a Carl’s Jr. in Alberta, Canada, was caught on camera committing shocking and gross food violations including mixing sauces with his barehands, serving food off the floor and even cross contaminating food. Hell, he even refuses a spoon to mix the sauces in when a fellow employee offers it to him.

Webb was caught possibly contaminating the food when he picks up chicken with his barehands after handling raw chicken. Check out the surveillance video below to witness this gross human committing all of these acts.

Business Insider

The location’s former manager — allegedly sick of Webb’s disgusting behavior, which continued despite complaints — shared the footage with CBC and health authorities.

Alberta Health Services began an investigation immediately after seeing the footage, CBC reported. Webb has reportedly been banned from handling food until he takes a food training course.

A food training course? This man just needs to be banned from every restaurant on the planet. Carl’s Jr. called the “improper food handling behavior … unacceptable and (that it) in no way, represents Carl’s Jr.’s commitment to safe food handling.”

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