Ranking Jerry’s 12 Hottest Girlfriends Over The Course Of ‘Seinfeld’

Photos: NBC

When it comes to Seinfeld, we have all the best quotes and life tutorials, including Cosmo Kramer’s Guide to Living Life on Your Own Terms. What else could you possibly need? How about a ranking of the 12 hottest girls Jerry Seinfeld dated over the course of the series. When it comes to pulling in hot actresses of the moment, no one was better in the ’90s than Seinfeld.

From actresses of other hit TV shows to one-hit wonders we never heard from again, Jerry dated them all. The virgin, the compatible kisser…the tractor story. The weird ’90s hair girls all the way up to the Lori Loughlins. He’s seen it all. But who would we rank, of all the Jerry Seinfeld girlfriends, as the best? Well, you’ll just have to scroll to find out. But we promise, this stroll down memory lane is well worth your time. I mean, how could you not?

This is not to say every girl Jerry dated was hot, but more often than not they were, especially for girls of the ’90s. Now we know what you’re thinking: What about Elaine? Well, what about her?

Ranking Jerry’s 12 Hottest Girlfriends Over The Course Of ‘Seinfeld’

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