Humanoid Robot Falls Off Stage During Demonstration And It’s Hilarious

Photo: Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor (Getty).

As a society, we’re always trying to do cool things with robots. Occasionally, we do something really useful with them, like turning them into police officers that patrol shopping malls. Other times, we just make creepy versions of ex-U.S. Presidents, like this monstrosity.

Of all the incredible functions we’ve programed them to do, robots are still only robots, and they’re going to do dumb things that make us the dominant beings on Earth. The latest example of robots making silly robot errors took place at a tech demo last month.

Robot Falls Off Stage And It’s Hilarious

At the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders, a company called Boston Dynamics brought one of their robots, Atlas, on stage. It was able to do things like pick up a box, play with a dog and walk around — all exciting stuff, I know.

However, the highlight of the demo didn’t come until after Atlas started walking off stage. Well, it didn’t walk off stage as much as it fell on its robotic ass.

If you skip to 4:12 of the video, you’ll see Atlas attempt to get backstage, trip over a light and fall right out of frame. It was a glorious spill that we here at Mandatory like to celebrate as a great LOL moment.

Well done, Atlas. Also, kudos to the guy shooting the video who says “Ohhhhh, get wrecked” when Atlas takes the stage dive.

h/t Mashable

Don’t be too embarrassed on behalf of robots, Atlas. Humans tend to slip up, too, like this guy who took this bad spill off his motorcycle.