Dashcam Captures Small Plane Crash On Texas Highway

Screenshot: LiveLeak

Leave it to dashcams to capture crazy moments — whether it’s a woman being ran over or an impatient driver crashing into a barricade, dashcams are always around. And this time around a dude’s dashcam was on the moment a single-engine plane took a dive.

According to officials, two men somehow survived a plane crash as it went down near an East Texas highway. Thanks to Ray Anthony, who was driving home from work, we get to see this crash because Anthony’s dashcam was on and recording.

Take a look at the crash below.

Dashcam Captures Small Plane Crash On Texas Highway

Sure, it looks like it was filmed in 1987, but hey, you can’t blame Anthony. Well, yes you can. Officials are still trying to figure out what exactly caused the plane to head down.

And luckily, the two men inside of the plane were just injured — as one man was treated and released from the hospital while the other one remains in serious condition. Here’s hoping he pulls through. Although I don’t think either men will be boarding a plane anytime in the near future.


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