Nazi-Era Plane Crashes on California Freeway, Confirms Nazis Are Terrible at Everything

Photo: Zeferli (Getty)

Commuters were shocked earlier this week when a vintage German fighter plane crashed on a California highway, adding “flying” to the list of things Nazis are known to be terrible for. The crash happened on the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills, California, far outside whatever (worm)hole Nazi fight planes belong in.

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The plane belonged to an organization called Condor Squadron. Unlike condors, this bird didn’t fly very well and decided to nest in the middle of a busy highway, causing an extensive backup of traffic outside of Los Angeles.

The pilot, Rod Sandburg, walked away from the crash unharmed. He told local media the engine failed on him, but he was able to maneuver the old aircraft onto an area of the highway that allowed for no injuries.

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No details were shared on what will be done with the remains of the plane, but we’re OK if they put in a trash compressor forever. One of our staff members was caught on said freeway following the wreckage for three hours and had to make it the whole time.

Classic Nazi thinking, not caring about the fragility of human life or the urinary tract.