Just A Dude Using A Fire Hydrant As A Bidet

Screenshot: Instagram

It’s no secret that July in Philadelphia can be a real bitch in terms of heat and humidity, and you often find people resorting to some rather creative tactics in an effort to beat that heat.

I’ve seen some people cut holes in coolers filled with ice and then hook up a fan as a way of making it through the day with a portable air conditioner. Of course, we have all seen parents let their kids run through street fountains so they don’t bake to death. And hell, I’ve even witnessed a dude crawl into a mostly-empty freezer in a 7-Eleven.

But I can’t recall ever seeing a grown man get down on all fours, drop his drawers and use the extreme water flow that is usually only found in either Old Faithful or a fire hydrant to either beat the heat or clean out his innards. Or both.

Well, that’s apparently what we have going down here on the streets of Philly. Enjoy.

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Well, if that doesn’t completely clean out your asshole, odds are nothing will.

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