California Inmates Record and Narrate Their Own Jailbreak

Screenshot: YouTube

Last year some Southern California inmates made a daring escape from a maximum security prison. The convicts spent eight whole days on the run before they were captured.

Now, more than a year later, new video has surfaced that shows the inmates recording and narrating the events that led to them springing out of the big house.

California Inmates Record and Narrate Their Own Jailbreak

Hossain Nayeri, Jonathan Tieu and Bac Duong were on the run last year after breaking out of an Orange County jail. When they did it, they shot it all on a contraband phone.

The video is part of the local sheriff’s investigation into how these guys got out of the heavily secured (or so we thought) jailhouse.

In the video, Nayeri explained that it was accomplished with a duffle bag full of various items, including a high-grade, industrial-strength rope. How the hell did these guys get an industrial-strength rope? And for that matter, where did they get a cellphone to record video? C’mon, sheriff.

After cutting through a vent and working their way between walls, the trio made their way up to the roof to climb down their way to freedom. They even gave the camera a thumbs-up.

All three are back in jail and facing new charges, but this has to be pretty embarrassing for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. It’s not every day your department lets three guys get lose AND allows them to become amateur filmmakers. Oops!

h/t ABC News

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