Angry Moose Chases Golfer Off Course, Probably Hates Golf

Photo: Facebook / Tony Swahn

Golf isn’t for everyone. Hell, when I was younger, I used to rag all the time on dudes for choosing golf over something I thought was infinitely cooler to do, like pick-up basketball or getting drunk at a bar.

Well, I’ve changed my perspective, and now embrace golf because hoops hurts my knees and I can’t hold my liquor as well as I did during my college years at the University of Internet Writing. Getting old(er) sucks, you guys.

Still, there’s a demographic of those who don’t enjoy golf as much as others. This moose might just be one of them.

Angry Moose Chases Golfer Off Course, Probably Hates Golf

In a video posted on Facebook last month, a guy was enjoying a nice day on the course when someone decided to ruin it. Or, rather, something. A moose made its way onto the green and decided to be a dick, bringing a stop to a relaxing round of golf.

As you can see, at first the moose was intrigued by the bag of clubs. Suddenly it turned its attention on the golfer. What might have been a friendly exchange at first turned into something else, and the moose started chasing the guy around a tree and across the grass.

The guy who uploaded the video, Tony Swahn, could be heard giggling as the moose tried to run down the golfer. Eventually, the golfer got away and Tony started making sounds like horrible orgasms, scaring away the moose.

h/t New York Daily News

Next time you play a round of golf with friends, make sure to steer clear of any moose in the area. And we thought alligators were golf haters.