Bring the Golf Course Home With This Smart Simulator That’s On Sale

Can’t make it to the golf course this season? Whether your local links are limiting entry or you’d rather keep close to home, you can still enjoy the feel of the club and thrill of the game, without going very far at all. Mastering your swing doesn’t have to wait, as long as you’ve got PhiGolf.

PhiGolf is a mobile golf simulator that lets you practice your game from your home or office, using a legit golf swing. With the simulator’s included swing stick and state-of-the-art sensor, you can play a proper round indoors, just about anywhere you choose.

For the best experience, play with the amazing WGT Golf app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. Mirror your smartphone or tablet’s screen to your TV, and you’ll enjoy realistic simulations of the most famous golf courses in the world. PhiGolf also has a multiplayer mode, perfect for sessions with your friends and family.

Escape the madness that is 2020 with PhiGolf. You won’t need to worry about rain, blazing 95-degree heat, wind, or social distancing. No more excuses for slacking on swing practice! Pop a few beers in the fridge, order a pizza, and prepare to enjoy a beautiful round of golf, under your own roof.

PhiGolf is currently available at a 24% discount of $187. Price subject to change.

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