TV Reporter Gets Puked On During Beer-Chugging Competition

Screenshot: YouTube

You know what’s not a good thing to have when it’s sweltering hot outside? Tons of beer. Why? Well because then you might blow chunks all over some poor reporter. And that’s exactly what happened to one TV reporter.

Wendy Burch, a reporter for KTLA was covering an Ironman competition yesterday in Los Angeles when out of nowhere she gets puked on. Yep, those are the types of things a reporter needs to go through if they want to one day move on up and get a nice cushy job in the studio.

Let’s take a look at the scene below. The puke kicks in at about the 54th second mark.

Well that was a horror scene.

Burch tells Huffington Post that she was “interviewing one participant who had a bull’s-eye and the words ‘puke here’ written on his back. Well, of course she didn’t know that she was in the middle of the “war zone” and out came the puke.

The telecast of course froze at that moment in what Burch called a technical glitch, but she continued her interviews even with puke on her. Now that’s a trooper.

“After that, it was a wrap,” Burch said. “I drove home, took a hot shower and a long nap.”

So what’s this Ironman all about? Well, it’s all about running a mile, paddling a mile in the ocean and then chugging a six-pack of beer. So yeah, that would make anyone puke their insides out.

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