‘Deep Blue Sea’ is Getting a TV Movie Sequel at Syfy

It’s been a mere 18 years since Deep Blue Sea swam into shark infested movie theaters. That’s an eternity in Hollywood, where practically ever movie gets a sequel or a remake. But now, Deep Blue Sea may finally be getting a sequel, but not as a theatrical film.

Moviehole is reporting that Syfy is moving forward with Deep Blue Sea sequel that already has Darin Scott (House Party: Tonight’s the Night) lined up to direct with Michael Beach in the leading role. Production is said to have already begun in Cape Town, South Africa, although it’s not clear how this movie ties into the original other than the name and the presumably super intelligent sharks.

The original film was directed by Renny Harlin and it’s kind of become a cult classic, largely because of this scene. To set the stage, Samuel L. Jackson played corporate executive Russell Franklin, a man who was known for surviving a previous traumatic event that claimed the lives of his colleagues. This time, Russell was investigating the genetically modified sharks when disaster struck. In the darkest hour of the initial survivors, Russell had a terrific and rousing speech. Then this happened.

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No! Not Sam Jackson!

The film also starred Thomas Jane and LL Cool J, but the other iconic scene belongs to Saffron Burrows’ Dr. Susan McAlester, the woman who helped create these super sharks. And well, you’ll see what she had to do to survive.

Oh yeah, she totally had to strip down for that. Because science.

Of course, there’s no possible way that the Deep Blue Sea sequel could be anywhere near as fun. It may not even have the bonkers premise of the failed direct-to-video sequel that would have featured sharks with freakin’ machine guns. And no, that’s not a joke. As noted by Moviehole, it would have featured “surgically enhanced sharks equipped with machine guns and torpedoes.” Now there’s a movie that we want to see!

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Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


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