The Most Insanely Clever TV Side Characters We Love the Hell Out of

Photo: NBC

What would TV be without favorite side characters? We’re talking about the people who pop up unexpectedly and get studio clapping just for walking in the room.

The Jerry Seinfelds and Don Drapers of the TV world would be nothing without their Cosmo Kramers and Roger Sterlings. Whether you’re into comedy shows or TV dramas, binge watching or old school TV with commercials, every great show is supported heavily by its side characters.

Sometimes we even love the hell out of the side characters a whole lot more than the main characters. With Breaking Bad, we found ourselves more entertained by the Saul Goodman salesmanship and the Hank Schrader’s party jokes. We tuned into Parks & Recreation more often than not for the goofy Andy antics and Jerry splitting his bands. The most absurdity of almost every “Always Sunny” episode usually comes from the smallest of side characters.

So check out our sweet little slideshow to see who our favorite TV side pieces characters written and acted so uniquely, they’re virtually irreplaceable. If you don’t agree these are the most insanely clever TV characters, well, then you have terrible taste. And who asked you!?

The Most Insanely Clever TV Side Characters We Love the Hell Out of

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