Exclusive Premiere | Too Many Zooz Go Guerrilla on the L-Train

Photo: Jean-Francois Monier (Getty Images)

Too Many Zooz have gone from playing the Union Square New York subway station to sharing the stage with Beyonce.

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That’s quite a wild ride for the Too Many Zooz trio of saxophonist Leo P., trumpeter Matt Doe, and drummer King of Sludge, who became internet famous when a YouTube video of their performance went viral on Reddit

Known as much for their high-energy, multi-cultural “brass house” sound as their shimmying dance moves, the subway buskers caught the attention of New Yorkers, tourists and the Queen Bae, who invited them to play at her Country Music Awards performance last year.

Crave is exclusively premiering Too Many Zooz music video for “Bedford”. Shot guerilla-style, in one single take at 3:33 a.m. on the L train, the video is as heart-pounding and in-your-face as the new song.

Here’s what the trumpet player Doe had to say about the “Bedford” music video: “Making this video was a true challenge. We met in the subway at 3am, and did this in one take. Ethan and his crew were absolutely phenomenal, and with the help of the people of New York, and a little luck, we captured something truly special.”


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