The Best James Bond Quotes

James Bond Quotes: Dialogue

Vijay: “I hear the Island is exclusively for women, no men allowed.”
Bond: “Sexual discrimination, I will definitely have to pay it a visit.”

Kamal Khan: “You seem to have this nasty habit of surviving.”
James Bond: “You know what they say about the fittest.”

Fatima Blush: “Oh, how reckless of me. I made you all wet.”
Bond: “Yes, but my martini is still dry. My name is James.”

Honey Ryder: “Are you looking for shells, too?”
Bond: “No, I’m just looking.”

Bond: “I was wrong about you.”
Christmas Jones: “Yeah, hows so?”
Bond: “I thought Christmas only comes once a year.”

Elektra King: “I could have given you the world.”
Bond: “The world is not enough.”
Elektra King: “Foolish sentiment.”
Bond: “Family motto.”

Dr. Goodhead: “You know him?”
Bond: “Not socially. His name’s Jaws. He kills people.”

Bond: “You were pretty good with that hook.”
Wai Lin: “Thanks. It comes from growing up in a rough neighborhood. You were pretty good on that bike.”
Bond: “Thank you. It comes from not growing up at all.”

Natalya Simonova: “Do you destroy every vehicle you get into?”
Bond: “Standard operating procedure. Boys with toys.”

Bond: “Who is the competition?”
Jack Wade: “AH, an ex-KGB guy. Touch mother. Got a limp in his right leg. Name’s Zukovsky.”
Bond: “Valentin Dmitrovitch Zukovsky?”
Jack Wade: “Yeah, you know him?”
Bond: “I gave him the limp.”

Tiffany: “I’ll finish dressing.”
Bond: “Oh please don’t, not on my account.”

That’s plenty of humor, zest, and witty comebacks, pretty important reasons why James Bond movies became the longest-running franchise in the history of film. They are the reason why, despite the movies having a simple formula, the world is still hypnotized by them and the role of 007 has such a huge status.

Out of these James Bond quotes, which one is your favorite? Did we miss a good one?

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