Woman Teams Up With Cheating Boyfriend’s Side Chick To Catch Him In The Act

Photo: Facebook

And of course it was filmed for all of us to enjoy.

People who cheat will always be garbage cans on legs, but more often than not karma catches up to them. And if we’re lucky it will be filmed. Take for example this woman who teamed up with her girlfriend’s side check in order to bust her. And this time around we have a dude who decided to take a woman on a little date to Jamba Juice. That woman? Yeah, not his girlfriend.

The video below shows a guy and his side chick talking it up while drinking their overpriced smoothies. As you can tell, the side chick has a massive smoothie, which probably cost him like $12. The video also shows his actual girlfriend show up to reveal that he’s been set up by her and his side chick. Boy, things go from awkward to chaos.

Take a look at the video below thanks to Facebook.

You just knew that he was going to get that super pricey smoothie tossed over him, but then he has to go ahead and get aggressive and throw a tantrum after getting caught like a complete d-bag. Well, at least the internet now knows he’s a dumpster.

h/t Dude Comedy

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