Bear Breaks Into Colorado Apartment Seemingly To Play Piano

Photo: ABC News / Katie Hawley

I love hilarious bears as much as the next person. Well, maybe not the bowhunter who was nearly mauled to death by a black bear. Or the folks at that circus where one went nuts and attacked the crowd. Or those two mountain bikers who narrowly avoided death when– actually, I guess bears aren’t all that funny most of the time. But we swear the one in the following video from a B & E last month in Colorado is.

According to ABC News, an intruder broke into Katie Hawley’s apartment in Vail on May 31 while she was out of the house. Or so she assumed. The video surveillance footage tells a different tail, complete with its own soundtrack. It’s pretty bear-bones (is that how you spell it?), but it serves its purpose.

Bear Breaks Into Colorado Home, Plays Piano

To make matters even more comical, Police Detective Sgt. Luke Causey said that along with brushing up on his scales and arpeggios, the intrusive black bear went ahead and helped himself to the contents of Hawley’s freezer, as well. Even Winnie the Pooh wouldn’t be so bold. But then again, maybe if he played his “I’m a freaking bear” card more often, he’d have a much easier time landing delicious honey pots on the reg. Of course, that’s two Disney references in one paragraph, so perhaps I’m the one who needs to be evaluating my life choices.

Authorities say the bear is still at large and may be bearing arms (OK, we made that last part up simply because we can’t pass up a good pun).

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