Pawn Shop Robbery Turns Into Slapstick Comedy As Robbers Struggle To Find An Exit

Photo: LiveLeak

First of all, if you’re desperate enough to rob a place filled with old smelly junk, you better make sure you know how to exit the place. Because if you don’t know you’re gonna end up like these two massive idiots.

The West Park pawn shop in Florida, known as Cash Inn, did exactly that recently, but it was more like “lock these idiots in.” Let us explain. Surveillance video of a robbery was released recently and it shows two guys rush into a pawn shop. The bigger guy immediately pulls out a gun and starts shooting, while his Gollum-looking partner attempts to grab something. Anything.

One problem, though. A Cash Inn employee had a gun of his own and starts firing back. Actually, two problems for these robbers. The front doors are locked and they find themselves without a way out. Take a look at the hilarious video below thanks to LiveLeak.

Holy hell, what a fail of epic proportions. Not only did these idiots get away with nothing, but they have now gone viral for one reason you don’t want to go viral for: stupidity. That bigger dude actually got stuck in that cage at the jewelry counter for a few seconds.

Eventually, as you saw, these two dudes got away with nothing and the police are still looking for them. Oh, and somehow no one was hurt during the chaos. Well, except for the robbers’ ego.

h/t Miami Herald

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