Man Kicked Off Southwest Flight Somehow Gets Back On, Then Tackled

Photo: CBS News

For whatever reason, we live in the golden era of people getting beaten up and kicked off of airplanes. Is it something in the air? Is it something we’re eating? There has to be some kind of rational explanation for passengers and airline employees turning the fuselage into a WWE ring.

Since it seems like everyone has a smartphone nowadays, almost every instance of WrestleMania on a plane is captured on video. The latest wrestling match happened on a Southwest Airlines flight this past Monday.

Man Kicked Off Southwest Flight Gets Tackled

According to a report from CBS News, a passenger was kicked off a plane and then fought his way back on, only to get speared by a flight attendant we can only assume has Division 1 NCAA wrestling experience.

Witnesses said the man boarded the plane and went to the bathroom. The crew tried to get him out and when they did, he was escorted off the plane. He was reportedly drunk (which, I don’t know, might explain his trip to the bathroom).

From there, things escalated quickly, because the man got back on the plane and started pushing people around. The flight attended wasn’t having any of that and took him down, holding him there until cops arrived and took the dude off the plane.

We can only expect more of these incidents to find their way onto the interwebs. If someone is getting bodyslammed, choked out, beaten up and rag-dolled on a plane, you can count on us to keep you informed about it.

h/t BroBible

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