The Trailer to ‘Leonardo DiCaprio: The Movie’ Is Everything You Thought It Would Be

Photo: YouTube

I have no shame in admitting that Leonardo DiCaprio is my number one man crush. I say “number one” because yes, there is a list filled with a bunch of awesome dudes. But more on that at another time. That said, DiCaprio finally got that Oscar he was looking for when he delivered quite the performance in 2015’s The Revenant. And all that he had to do was get mauled by a bear.

But before this performance, DiCaprio had tons of amazing displays of his acting prowess in movies like The Wolf of Wall StreetThe DepartedWhat’s Eating Gilbert GrapeThe Aviator and more. So what did two geniuses do? They reeled all those performances in and made one hell of a trailer for a fictional movie called Leonardo DiCaprio: The Movie.

Take a look at this awesome trailer below thanks to Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues. And go ahead and follow their YouTube channel because they will be making plenty more of these videos featuring other actors and actresses.

It’s kind of a bummer that this whole movie doesn’t exist, but at least we have tons of DiCaprio movies we can now look back on. And here’s hoping that he will watch this and feel better since he recently broke it off with his model girlfriend Nina Agdal. OK, OK, he will just date another model.

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