Spirit Airlines Cancels A Bunch Of Flight, Chaos Ensues Immediately

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And that’s what happens when you book a flight with Spirit Airlines.

So let’s keep a running tally: Delta was bashed for kicking a family off a plane just a few days after United Airlines was bashed for dragging a doctor off a flight. And now Spirit Airlines wants to get in on the fun as they canceled a bunch of flights last night which led to chaos, especially at a Florida airport. Yep, Florida.

So apparently Spirit Airlines has canceled 300 flights in the past week, and is blaming their own pilots for the disturbance. Spirit accused the pilots of putting their, according to Spirit Airlines spokesman Paul Berry, “quest for a new contract ahead of getting customers to their destinations” and the safety of Spirit staff. And because of that, Spirit filed a Federal lawsuit against the Airline Pilots Association, which it accused of intentionally disrupting the airline’s operations, leading to hundreds of canceled flights. Welp.

And obviously people didn’t like that one bit because folks at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport started yelling at staff and brawls began like this one:

Oh, and then there was this:

Hey, don’t forget about this either:

“There were several people there that were upset,” Broward Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Gina Carter said. “We were called in to just make sure that things were kept from getting very unruly.” Looks like they became unruly, Gina.

Here’s what Spirit Airlines had to say about this mess:

“We are shocked and saddened to see the videos of what took place at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport this evening. This is a result of unlawful labor activity by some Spirit pilots designed to disrupt Spirit operations for our customers, by canceling multiple flights across our network.”

One way to solve things is to shit on your own pilots. Nice job, Spirit Airlines. And as for everyone else, you might as well rent a boat and get to your destination that way.

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