Eight 1980s Cartoon Shows That Should NEVER Be Movies

Nostalgia is an intoxicating sensation, one that rockets you back to simpler times when life was less complicated and standards were low enough that just about everything seemed pretty good. So it stands to reason that nostalgia would be a pretty big business, and that recycling nostalgic films, tv shows, and cartoons would be an effective way to make money.

But nostalgia only gets you so far. If you make a movie out of a nostalgic cartoon like TransformersG.I. Joe or He-Man, you also have to make sure it can work in the present day. It has to attract new audiences, not just appeal to old ones. And that means that a lot of the junk we watched as kids, nostalgia or no, needs to be identified for what it really was: total junk, and not worth making a movie about.

So before Hollywood gets in over its head and green lights a big budget summer blockbuster of every cartoon, here’s a reminder that some of those 1980s cartoons were just absolutely awful, and don’t deserve the big screen treatment. Come to think of it, they didn’t deserve the SMALL screen treatment either.

Eight 1980s Cartoon Shows That Should NEVER Be Movies:

Top Photo: The Taft Merchandising Group

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