7 Famously Bald Celebrities

Photo: Michael Kovac (Getty Images)

For many men out there, hair is the very essence of manhood and losing it can have devastating consequences. As soon as they find a bald spot, men go to great lengths to try and hide it by combing the hair in a specific way or even using those unnatural wigs. However, what they fail to realize is that hairstyle doesn’t make a man. The best example of this are those ridiculously successful bald celebrities that seem to have become even more popular because of their hairless nature. So, for all of you bald people that feel insecure and threatened by the loss of your favorite headgear, here is a list of celebrities that achieved fame despite (or thanks to) this “handicap.” Take a look.

Bruce Willis

We’ll start the list off with everyone’s favorite action hero that came to prominence long time ago with the hit franchise Die Hard, playing an unwilling cop hero, John McClane fighting off wave after wave of enemies. Early on during his career, Bruce Willis did have some rather modest hairstyle with a receding hairline, but he soon shaved it off and gained his trademark bald look. Obviously, the baldness didn’t prevent him from continuing his successful career and making box-office hits like Expendables, RED, Looper, and numerous others. Bruce is the one who made balding cool and a lot of men should thank him for it.

Vin Diesel

One actor that you wouldn’t dare make fun of because of his baldness is certainly Vin Diesel. This huge muscle machine spent most of his career with a completely shaved head, usually punching someone into oblivion in movies like XXX, Fast and Furious and Chronicles of Riddick. Vin Diesel was born as Mark Sinclair but changed his name when he worked as a bouncer to make himself look more badass. Needless to say, he succeeded in it. In a couple of movies, he actually wears a wig, which makes him look utterly ridiculous and offers hope to all of the balding men out there. Sometimes hair is only a nuisance.

Jason Statham

Next up is yet another action star (does that mean that bold people are more prone to action?) that appeared in a number of amazing films starting with Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and the subsequent hit Snatch. This look of a cheeky Englishman fit perfectly with his barely visible hair and aggressive nature. Statham used this look in pretty much all of the films he’s starred in, making his baldness his trademark feature. In 2017, balder than ever, Statham keeps on making mostly actions hits proving to everyone that hair has nothing to do with it.

Patrick Stewart

Another actor that was even knighted for his contribution to the world of film and theater, Patrick Stewart is often recognized for his distinctive bald head. Stewart lost his age at a very early age of 18, which obviously made him quite depressed. However, he refused to give up and continued to baldly go where no man has gone before (get it?) Besides his theater work, Stewart became famous on screen for his portrayal of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek, as well as Professor X in the X-Men. There is an interesting piece of trivia regarding Patrick Stewart’s role in Star Trek. Namely, one of the interviewers asked Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry how come they haven’t cured baldness in the 24th century where the show takes place. He simply replied that in the 24th century no one will care about something as meaningless as that.


If you’re still not convinced that hair doesn’t make a man, take a look at the famous singer Seal. For the most of his career he was bald (disregarding those crazy dreadlocks from the Crazy video) and yet it never really bothered him or hindered his success. In fact, he is today one of the most recognized singers in the world known for his unique appearance. Not only that, but he managed to seduce one of the most beautiful models ever – Heidi Klum and, after the relationship ended, got a hold of an equally breathtaking Erica Packer. All of this while being as bald as a (bald) eagle. Think about it.


Speaking of bald men among musicians, we can’t forget one of the pioneers of electronic music – Moby.  Regarding his baldness, this world famous DJ has said that he once resented the generic look that all bald men have. Sometime after, however, he realized that it’s not about how much hair you’re losing and in what way – it’s actually all about how you come to terms with it. According to Moby, there’s nothing worse than wearing toupees or hiding the bald spot out of shame. To him, appearance is something transient and you really shouldn’t dwell on it too much. Seeing how he sold over 20 million records worldwide without the help of his looks, he might be right.

Sinead O’ Connor

For the end, we’ve decided to leave those bald men aside and include one extremely famous bald lady who achieved fame thanks to her amazing voice and an outrageously shaved head. She was among the first female singers out there that popularized this unorthodox look in order to make a statement and prevent objectification of women. During her career, she’s sparked a number of controversies, fighting against organized religious groups, children abuse, wars, etc. However, it goes without saying that she owes a lot of her fame to her inclusion into the group of famous bald people. It goes to show that baldness really knows no gender.

So, this is our list of some of the more inspirational famous bald people that managed to overcome their physical appearance and make successful careers. Do you know of any other bald celebrities that inspired you? Tell us who they are.